Providing Road Maintenance Construction Work in Arizona

Our experience includes many facets of the construction and maintenance industry.

  • Federal, State, County, and City Roads
  • Construction Projects, Seal Coat, Crack Seal, Milling, and Dirt Haul Projects
  • Military and Civilian Airports
  • Proving Grounds and Race Tracks
  • State Parks, Subdivisions, Land Development Sites

Your requirements are our priority!

  • Estimates for Services Can Be Hourly, Flat Rate, or Square Yard, Depending on the Project.
  • Certified Payroll Reports Can Be Filed Electronically (LCP Tracker, PDBS, Etc.) or Manually.
  • Insurance Requirements Are Met.
  • Licensed and Bonded
  • Badging at Airports to Work Airside Is Completed.
  • Job-specific Business Licenses Are Acquired.
  • Additional Training and Safety Meetings Required by the Customer Are Attended.


The sweepers we use to serve the customer's project are PM-10 compliant*, high dumps. We have the most up-to-date brands and models of equipment, such as Elgin Broom Bears and Allianz Johnston. Many of our sweepers are within five years of the manufacturer. Our truck mounted attenuators meet Test Level 3 criteria. Advanced warning arrow boards mounted on our sweepers meet MUTCD requirements.


Our Tymco 600 PM-10 compliant* regenerative air sweepers specialize in vacuuming for crack seal, slurry seal for asphalt and concrete contractors, municipalities, large distribution centers, as well as airport construction and maintenance. The floating pick-up head adjusts to the curvature of the road for quality cleaning. We use polypropylene gutter brooms to reduce FOD at airports.

* PM-10 compliant means that the particulate matter emitted from sweeping is equal to or less than 10 micrometers.


Our milling equipment includes a fleet of 12.5’, 8’, 7.3’, 4’, 2’ pavement profilers, and 485-bit micro mill(s)


Our fleet of water trucks are used for dust suppression, washing roads, or loading water into equipment. They are equipped with Berkley pumps to increase water pressure.



C & S Sweeping provides innovative solutions for all of your pavement profiling, street cleaning, and hauling needs.


The Super Broom is practical for large production jobs such as Milling, Chip Seal, Highway Shoulders and ACFC Strip jobs. The following features save time, increase productivity which increases your bottom line.

Each of the 4 gutter brooms operate independently. This allows us to adjust the sweeping path for the cut of the milling machine’s trench from 5ʼ to 12’6”. While the front brooms clean the top of the trench, the next set of gutter brooms clean the bottom of the trench both at the same time. The Super Broom can also sweep using only the rear broom.

The Super Brooms' conveyor rotates to load directly into a dump truck. It continues sweeping while dump trucks rotate taking loads to the dump site. This sweeper keeps up with the production of the rest of the road crew and reduces the need for several pick up brooms.


Our Super Kick Broom is mounted on a motor grader with a sweeping path of 12' when the broom is at an 80-degree angle. It is equipped with Topcon sensors to adjust to the grade of the road. The water system has a high output to suppress dust effectively.

The equipment featured in "Large Production Sweepers" was designed and built by Steve Danielson, the Owner of C & S Sweeping Services, Inc. The principles behind the Super Brooms and Super Kick Brooms are the same. Increased efficiency increases production and adds value to your bottom line. The machines will remove debris such as millings or chip seals for Major Highway Projects. For more information, please call C&S Sweeping at +1 (602) 252-9471


C & S Sweeping designed and built a Large Debris Sweeper for use, cleaning the highway right of way. Without exiting the truck, It collects about 90% of the debris, such as tire rubber and boards, on the shoulder and median wall.

The front-load bucket dumps into the truck's bed for continued operation up to 4 yards of debris removal. The bucket has an alternating side gutter broom giving options to clean either curb. The camera system provides complete surveillance and recording during operation. A truck-mounted attenuator attaches directly on the back.

It collects large debris such as tire rubber in the front, and when the bucket is full, the machine lifts it to dump it in the back of the truck, comparable to a front-load garbage truck.

  • C & S Sweeping Can Collect About 90% of the Trash Without Exiting the Vehicle.
  • It Saves Time and Is Safer Than Traditional Methods of Picking Everything.
  • Cameras Are Installed at All Angles to View the Operation and Monitor Traffic.
  • A Truck Mounted Attenuator Protects the Motorists Without Adding Equipment to the Roadway.




C & S Sweeping transports our equipment to jobs outside the Phoenix metropolitan area.

maintenance Vehicle


We have a full-service shop to attend to preventative maintenance needs. We have a fleet of service vehicles to support our out-of-town crews.